And I Approve this Message

Time for my “angry post”. Let’s admit it, it’s really long overdue anyway. But it’s not about my divorce or  lack of child support or the injustices of this world…

It’s about politics.

*And….  cringe*

Alice Cooper proves his intelligence!

Wait, wait! Let me finish. I’m not going to spew my personal political convictions (garbage to some) on here. Everyone is doing enough of that on their own blogs and Facebook posts. Why join the ignorant? Besides, I’m not a political analyst and didn’t get a degree in Political Science like some people who I know. I watch the news (not just one outlet) and I read. I do enjoy politics and feel it’s my God-given right and American duty to research candidates, laws, and controversies on my own terms without someone’s biased opinion being crammed down my throat. In reality, I’m just a mom. I’m just a writer. I’m just a musician. What the heck do I know anyway? I became a huge fan of Alice Cooper after this statement alone : “If you’re listening to a rock star in order to get your information on who to vote for, you’re a bigger moron than they are.”

‘Nough said.

But since this is my blog and already, 9 months away from election day, people are becoming increasingly annoying with their continuous rants over misinformation, I bite my tongue no longer.

Politics. There is Right; there is Left. There’s Center; there’s around. And there are those who are completely Lost. The lost are a bigger group than we even realize, growing in numbers regularly. Some choose this because politics either bores them or they would just rather stay out of it. Our version of Switzerland. You guys, I actually respect more than the other lost ones because you made your honest decision. Good for you. However, if you read this and get offended, then you are probably of the other lost. The kind that chooses a side without sincerely looking at the other on a regular basis. That is what separates the informed from the “Lost”.

And most of you might read and agree with me, not ever realizing that I’m referring to you. (And no, I’m not being person specific. “You” is general here.)

First, I’ll confess, I’m a registered Independent that likes to vote fiscally conservative. I will not call myself a moderate, when I am not. Neither should many other people. I do not appreciate people pooling me with the Republican Party either, for I am not Republican. Quite honestly, I’m not happy about any of the guys we have running right now or the guy currently in office. It’s all quite disappointing for me–for a lot of people, in fact. Since I first was able to vote, I’ve been left with voting for the lesser of two evils every stinkin’ time. For once, just once, I would love to vote for someone I truly believed in. In that sense, I was quite jealous of the Obama supporters. These people believed in his “change”! Though I did not agree with his policies and personally thought he was full of hot air, I was admirable of his following. If only I could find a candidate that I truly believed in!

In my opinion, I think if we don’t have the money, we shouldn’t spend. It’s a simple rule of thumb in business and home. The Government is a business, and a business only in my opinion–or at least it should only be that. I hate the moral debates over abortion, same-sex marriage, doctor-assisted suicide, death penalty… but I still have my opinions. Some of these issues affect me personally and therefore I will vote my heart & experience if given the opportunity because experience outweighs supposed “facts” in my opinion. My “facts” may be quite different that what our government, research communities and you deem as “facts”. Until you have someone murdered in your family, don’t tell me that the death penalty is inhumane.  I’ve had children and I have lost children. I have seen a heartbeat on the ultrasound screen at 4 weeks, heard the heartbeat at 10 weeks and I have held and loved a stillborn at almost 20 weeks. So I hate the idea of abortion, a deliberate end to another’s life. I am well-aware of circumstances that commonly surround this decision, for I’ve experienced most of them as well. I put my faith in God, not myself nor the current situation and that is probably what separates us. Same-sex marriage? I think Dolly Parton said it best: “I always say, ‘Sure, why can’t they get married? They should suffer like the rest of us do.’” And it literally breaks my heart at the callousness that is shown to a same-sex life-partner when one is ill or dying. Rights to see or visit are sometimes stripped away by opposing family members because of their lack of compassion or hurt. And if I’m slowly dying/suffering? Please, kill me off. That’s no way to live and my children don’t ever need to see me like that. It’s a human mercy that is shown. But that is just my opinion.

See? I can’t be your beloved Democrat or Republican. I am an Independent woman with a multifaceted brain function. And we haven’t really even scratched the surface. But this isn’t about me and what I believe and who I think you should vote for.. or not vote for. Who to bash. Who to slander. Only a pompous ass would do that. Yeah, I said pompous ass.

I have friends on all sides of the spectrum and most of them remain “hidden” in my news feed on Facebook around this time, because I would rather be blind to their rantings.  One by one, as they post their one-sided garbage, I say goodbye till the political waters have subsided. Sometimes, this is key in maintaining a friendship. I don’t post blogs or articles that say you’re going to hell for aborting babies or for having multiple sex partners (mainly because I don’t believe that), so don’t post articles that tell me that I’m wrong and you are right. You are not “opening eyes”, you’re pissing people off and making yourself look like a jerk.

Barack Obama was not denied security clearance due to his relationship with Bill Ayers just as he does salute the flag. Did you even hear the singer of that particular national anthem when that viral picture was taken? Who could blame him for not saluting. She murdered that song! I’m actually quite shocked that none of them (Hillary Clinton included) had their ears covered instead of their hearts. Besides, the law does not state that you are to salute it, we are required to face it–and yet none of them were actually facing it that day, for it was behind them.

Though laugh-worthy, is this accurate?

Republicans are not elitist nor do they have low IQ.  One of the GOP’s mantra’s is “small business: where prosperity starts.” They just want you to work for your goals and accomplishments; we are not as entitled as you want to believe. And as far as IQ goes–not something I often share– But in 1999 when I actually was a registered Republican, I took a legit IQ test from a psychologist and scored a 136. Not too shabby. Of course, this was before I had children and as any mom will tell you, your intelligence level definitely gets challenged when you’re hanging around a 3-year-old all day. And no, a valid or reliable test is not available online. If you think it is, then you’ve already achieved a low score.

Obama is as much to thank for the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden as Bush is for Saddam Hussein. Whoever was in office at these times was going to be the celebrated victor. What about our wonderful Marines? All the men and women of our military.

Clinton and Obama and the congresses (before during and after these terms) are just as much to blame for our decline in economy and increase in deficit as Bush (Sr. & Jr.) are. They have all put bills in motion and signed for bail outs that have brought us here. It take more than a single set of 8 years to bring down a country of our magnitude. It take a long line and many years of crooks, bad choices, and blinding ideology to do the damage we’re currently sitting in.

Bush Bashing. Think you could have done better? I doubt it.

The Liberals despise Fox news because it’s geared more for conservatives, but continue sticking with their extremely one-sided CNN and NBC. Conservatives declare that the Huffington Post is the devil because it is largely liberal biased, but swear by the accuracy of Sean Hannity, whose show isn’t even a news show as much as a commentary. And if you are watching Jon Stewart for an opinion, you’re a bigger moron than I thought you were. Not only is his show more of a  parody, but he, too, is extremely liberal. If you want your eyes opened, watch and read ALL news outlets and stop declaring that the other is a joke because of their tendency to lean a certain way. They are all leaning, the only way to gain a  well-rounded idea of truth is absorb them all regularly, not just pick one because its ideology aligns with yours. That isn’t news. You may as well pick out your favorite parts of a bible and start your own religion if that’s how you function.

"I like turtles."

We get it, we get it: Clinton was a horrible womanizer. W was a moron. Obama played the race card. Reagan was the greatest president ever. Bush Sr was an old woman. Palin is a horrible woman. Hillary is really a lesbian. Clinton was the greatest president ever. Bush Jr just wanted to finish his daddy’s war. Jimmy Carter was the weakest president ever. Obama is a Muslim. And I like turtles.

See how dumb you all sound? The smartest thing up there is zombie kid incoherently declaring his love for turtles. (Oh, please tell me that you clicked that link! I love that video!)

My point here is that while everyone is crying out for an unrealistic unity, your loud opinions and pleas to “open each others’ eyes”  is completely divisive! I’m a huge supporter of free speech–I would be screwed if I wasn’t. I’m a  writer. I’m a  musician. However, our actions and words will always have consequences. Even with this blog post, am I aware of that truth.

Oh, and while we are on the subject, I’ll accept all of your comments on here and will graciously thank you for reading… but I’m not debating you.  I’m not here to say your ideologies are wrong. I here to say your approach to “spreading the word” is. Besides, you will only want to debate now because I pushed buttons, and real debates are never to be fueled out of passion, only solid facts. I’m a passionate person, so I can be honest enough to sit here and tell you that I simply cannot debate. I know my weaknesses. Now my guy, Matt–he’s the great debater. He’s strictly facts and logic, lacking any personal passion when it comes to this stuff. But I can’t have him debate for me because though we agree on much, our executions are quite different in this matter. He would probably be one to want to debate me now actually. 😉

A friend of mine says it best under his political belief on Facebook: “They all lie.” So do the media outlets, people. Keep that in mind. There is always a bias or a nasty twist of words.

Gosh, I wish this is what my body really looked like...

So, the next time you want to post something that you know is extremely one-sided–I’m hoping that this blog will help you in that decision of whether it is or isn’t–know that I am also shaking my head at your arrogance. No, people who believe differently from you are not stupid nor ignorant. The stupidity comes from the belief that your side is right and the other is wrong and how you expect a “thanks” and not a consequence from that thought process. Friends do not enjoy being told that they’re beliefs are wrong. Their ideology may be backed by an experience or a spiritual belief that you could never fully understand. People that sit back and watch the fireworks exploding from both sides of the fence… now we’re a rare breed.

I wish I could buy an island.

I am Melissa D. Ellis and I approve this message.

**Join me next week when I discuss the 6th Anniversary of my 29th birthday!**


10 thoughts on “And I Approve this Message

  1. Mike Braddock says:

    Where’s the part that is supposed to piss people off??

  2. Matt Clyde says:

    Saluting the flag is a socialist act introduced by known socialist, Fracis Bellamy in 1892. Funny we view that as democracy and the failure to salute as undemocratic… isn’t choice what democracy is all about?

    Btw, I am low on cash so I will be heading to nashville to make a “deposit” 😉

  3. Bo says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself. I only have one problem (not with you but with your friend Matt) and that being saluting the flag. I retired after 23 years in the Military and I truely believe that paying homage to our flag shows that we love our USA and pledge our allegiance to our country and has nothing to do with its politics. If you were asked to stand and place your hand over your heart because you loved your children, I don’t think you would have a problem with that. (I don’t care for Obama but I don’t believe he purposely disrepected the flag) I went through the Vietnam war and several skirmishes and I will always fight for our rights of freedom to do as we legally please,.I just don’t have to believe in all of yours.
    I also believe you should vote for someone you believe in and I have not found one of those in a few years either. Hey, maybe you should run, I might vote for you (maybe).

    • Thank you so much for your service! If there is anything I love doing, it’s knowing who I can thank for mine and my children’s peaceful lives under the protection of our military! And it’s because of men and woman like you that I can actually post blogs like this, worship as I please, read what I please, raise my children how I see fit… these are things I do not and will NEVER take for granted. So thank you, thank you!

      I completely understand the respect that needs to be show for our flag and what it stands for, which is why I do salute it–even take my hat off if I’m wearing one (like at a ball game during the National Anthem). Like I mentioned, Matt is all facts and logic and the he’s right about where the act of saluting is rooted. But I know for a fact that Matt also salutes the flag because he chooses to do so.

      As far as me running for president…
      Though I will officially be old enough to do so in about two weeks (haha!) I couldn’t imagine the hell that would break lose if ever I did run. I would be a horrible president, hated by conservatives and liberals alike, running on passion. But I bet we’d be getting out of debt slowly but surely. I’m a woman so international affairs would be out the window at the slightest unwelcoming glance from another world leader. haha!
      Thanks for reading. I will do my best to keep my political rants WAY DOWN to a minimum. People should believe how they are lead, not by what I say (or by what anyone else says, for that matter). I would rather do uplifting/though provoking posts anyway.


  4. Bo says:

    Thanks for your reply Melissa. I personally believe we need some hell to break loose and stop all the wishy washy pandering that is going on. I will leave it at that.

  5. […] blog post And I Approve this Message, has inspired me to type up my own thoughts on the current presidential election […]

  6. Thank you your submission, it is interesting and compelling. I discovered my way here through Google, I will come back one more time 🙂

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