Ever Faithful

Okay. So I squelched in my New Year’s resolution to blog at least once a week. I’m only human. And for once, it had nothing to do with the lack of material or the desire to remain private over lame or negative life situations to post. Truth be told, I have been so abundantly blessed in the last two weeks that my head can’t even keep it all straight. The provisions of my needs and wants are practically immeasurable and yet to do service to what I stand for, I must share with all of you.

My last blog post was an explanation as to why my birthday and Valentine’s Day is typically ignored on my end. It wasn’t to sound negative, but to give a background as to why I have been so negative toward them for so long. In my defense, I admitted that despite all of my so-called failures and unhappiness in the past year, I was vigilantly faithful that God was about to turn it all around for me… naturally after a few small moments of “why me?!” every now and again. Like I said, I’m only human. I was “coming out of my desert”, nearing a final breakthrough. Almost immediately upon posting that blog, my breakthrough began and I haven’t really had time to stop and catch my breath, or process the extraordinary turn of events in my life. Continue reading


Chess Peace

Yes, I am aware that in the game of Chess the word piece is spelled with the whole “i” before “e”. And I truly know nothing about the game of Chess. I’m more of a Checkers kind of girl.

But this is a different game of Chess. And this is a difference peace I am speaking of.

This morning I woke up with a revelation that both scared and excited me. To be honest these two emotions have been pretty constant in the last few weeks. Heavily! Recently, I have been asked to take part in Worship. Simple  right? Well… yes and no.  I have been raised old fashioned Baptist, so anything that isn’t out of a hymnal is completely foreign to me. But God didn’t call me to do Hymns or Gospel… he called me specifically to Praise & Worship music! I am completely humbled and honored to do God’s work. In fact, more and more this is becoming my passion. Do I feel worthy of this calling? Heck no! Not even a year ago I was in a dark, dark place – unsure if I’d ever see light again. I’ve taken part in things I am not fully regretful of, but not proud of either. My heart has been broken and made heavy – and for what?

To bring me here!

But this is only the beginning of the journey he has put ahead of me. There is a bigger picture.

Like a game of chess, God is strategically placing His children in places that will eventually move a whole region. The region I am speaking of is the Middle Tennessee area.

I can’t fully explain it, and therefore feel like this blog entry is almost a moot point, but truth be told, I feel something big is brewing in Middle Tennessee. It’s going to be the center for something Gloriously massive that God has planned and as I look around, I see how He is stirring hearts and minds and drawing many of us to this area in the next couple of years.

Yes! I am one of them. He’s already started by calling me to work in something I’m not overly familiar with, but in a year or two I will have grown into a strong and more assured soldier… and my heart tells me that in time I will be pulled to Nashville. This is the prep work, allowing me to grow and be the woman He intends for me to be – the woman I am meant to be! It’s such a beautiful feeling!

I have a lot of work on my hands. My focus needs to be on God and His work without any hidden agenda. This will require faith, and diligent prayer time. Constantly seeking Him! And I don’t care how small or grand my part is, because no matter what, it’s vital!

The hard part? Waiting. Being patient.

But I am finally willing. I had been hiding form His calling for years – far too long – I shamefully will admit. But as I have told others:

Jesus kept finding my hiding places.

So, the game of Chess ensues. Ask yourself, where is He placing you and what vital role will you be playing?